Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Herbed flounder parcels with sundried tomatoes and lemon wedges

Marinade (for 6 small fillets of European flounder):
High-quality, cold pressed olive oil
7 sun dried tomatoes (dry&whole)
lemon zest (organic lemon!)
large clove garlic
dried or fresh chives, thyme, dill

Slice sun dried tomatoes into thin strips, grate garlic and place in a bowl. Grate about the peel of one lemon. Make sure it is organic, at least when you are using the peel. You will never know what it could have been treated with otherwise. Drizzle a fair bit of olive oil on top, you need enough for the tomato strips to pump up. Add the herbs.

Herbed flounder parcels:
the lemon you peeled for the marinade
1 medium red onion
Himalayan salt, ground black pepper
dill, thyme, chives

Salt and pepper the flounder fillets. Place in the center of a square piece of foil/parchment paper, pour marinade on top and add in red onion rings (thinly sliced), lemon wedges and some more herbs. I am not sure about the safety of aluminum foil, so use that with caution. Roll up into parcels and bake in low heat (350F) for 20-30min.

I got the idea of fish "parcels" from Yaelian's interesting blog. She used tilapia and leeks in hers, check that recipe out too!

Here's a pic of the entire plate. The fish is served with mashed sweet potatoes and pumpkin (very briefly steamed, mashed with creamed coconut, spices) and a salad of grated carrot, sprouted red quinoa and raisins. As you can see, most of your plate should consist of veggies, especially raw ones. Always when cooking, pause to think what you actually must cook. Very little things actually need heat! You don't need cooked food every meal, not even every day.And when you do cook, use gentle methods to preserve vital nutrients (steaming for instance). If you haven't thrown out your microwave already, do so immediately. To many this is probably a given, but there are way too many people out there unaware of how they are exposing themselves to harmful radiation and free radicals just by warming up their packed lunches at work.


Yaelian said...

Yummy,your fish parcels sound so delicious! Next time I buy white fish I will make it your way.Guess what, a year ago when I moved to this flat where I now live, and most of my electrical appliances had been stolen from the small warehouse in my ex-in-law's garden, I bought a new microwave oven.Well, it arrived and never worked,,,,or, it actually works
partially,the light goes on, it makes noise but it doesn't do what it is supposed to do.So it is just sitting on my kitchen counter, and I have never been able to use it.And consequently, I discovered that I don't actually need a microwave oven.....

Aletheia said...

Thanks! I hope you enjoy it =) I guess faith worked it's magic and kept you from using the microwave! You're right, it's absolutely useless and I wish one day everyone would know better. I'm sure that in time the link between cancer and microwave ovens will be more established, but somehow I doubt that that kind of information will be too readily available to ordinary people.