Sunday, November 15, 2009

Schwartzwalder Cherry torte

It's been a while, but I just got an amazing job opportunity. That along with my university studies, 11-month-old daughter and my husband doesn't really leave time for blogging. I still have to write my post on baby food and in future hopefully do more educating rather than "just" recipes. Or what do you think, would you be interested in reading about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle? How to teach your child to enjoy pure food? Maybe I should just stick to making desserts ;) 

Cherry Chocolate cake:
140g ground almonds and 1/2 C soaked pumpkin seeds
raisins and dates to desired sweetness and texture
1/2 C cacao or carob powder
hazelnut/vanilla agave
coconut oil
pinch salt and cinnamon

Process until a uniform, thick ball of dough. Shape into three about 1/2 inch 
thick round layers (on separate dishes), chill to firm up in the fridge. 

Cashew-coconut cream:
about 50-50 cashews and thick, pure coconut cream
lucuma, raw honey, vanilla, pinch cinnamon

Organic, sugar-free (no artificial sweeteners!!!!) black cherry preserve OR
Fresh cherries pureed with sweetener of choice

Once the cake mixture is set, blend smooth in a blender. Spread first cake 
layer with cherry jam, dollop some cream and spread evenly. Add another
layer of cake, cherry jam and cream. Decorate with a layer of cream and
grated (raw) mint-chocolate. The mint really makes the difference. Put back
in the fridge until served, at least for an hour.


Yaelian said...

Congratulations on your job opportunity!
And your cake looks really pretty,and must have tasted good too.

Okriina said...

Wow, a real show-case cake! What brand of cherry jam did you use?

Aletheia said...

Thank you, Yaelian! It was delish.

Okriina, thanks :) I'm glad to hear it looks nice, because I'm planning on making a similar cake for my daughter's 1st b-day (none of the guests are raw). I haven't found organic cherry preserves here yet, so I just used St Dalfour from Prisma. It's not organic, but it has no sugar nor artificial sweeteners (sweetened with grape juice concentrate). It has no additives or preservatives either but a pretty high fruit content. I'm still looking for all organic though!

Paivi said...

I'm into more nutrition info! Never bored of it :)

Okriina said...

Ok, I haven't found either, so I thought maybe you had found a secret organic cherry jam source somewhere ;) I sometimes use St Dalfour products as well.

HW said...

Congrats on your new job!

I would be very interested about topics related to children's nutrition and food. There is not so much information available - at least in the Finnish blogosphere. (Actually I've been planning to post more about this topic, but have not found time either. :))

The cake looks really delicious! Wow!

Aletheia said...

Paivi, thanks for the comment! I guess one of the reasons for not bothering in the past was that I thought people wouldn't be interested.

Okriina, No I haven't but I'll tell you if and when I do :) St Dalfour does make some nice preserves.

HW, thank you very much for the congrats and cake complements! You triggered me into writing a marathon of a post related to baby food.. You probably got more text than you bargained for ;) I'll be following your blog to see what you post on the matter!