Saturday, March 13, 2010

Amazing raw sour cream!

Just a brief note to let you guys now I am alive and thinking of what to make for my husbands birthday tomorrow. Hopefully it will turn out successful and make its way into this blog! 

Last night we enjoyed blinis. Well, I have yet to figure out a decent way to recreate the actual blinis in a raw way. The toppings however, have been raw for a long time now. Every time we make them, I try to think of a way to improve the raw sour cream we love to dab on the blinis. Usually I have added acidophilus, and allowed it to sour up in the fridge for a couple days. This time I felt the urge to make blinis ex tempore, so I had to come up with something faster. Here it is (sorry, no pic!):

Quick raw sour cream:
2 handfuls of soaked cashews
1 small handful of your favorite raw sauerkraut, or to taste
dash lemon juice, Himalayan salt, pepper, fresh or dried dill

Blend all until smooth. You can add the dill after blending, so that it won't turn out completely green :)
Check seasoning.

The Blinis:
handful of cashews + water (should equal 5dl or 2 C after blending into cashew milk)
organic buckwheat groats ground into flour or whole-grain buckwheat flour (didn't measure this, you want somewhat of a thick pancake batter consistency)
1 organic egg
Himalayan salt

Beat until there are no lumps, let sit for a while for the flour to "swell up". Add more, if it seems too thin.
Heat the skillet. Makes about 35 small blinis.

Traditionally blini recipes use carbonated beverages and yeast or baking powder, but for health reasons I settle for this recipe. 
Serving suggestion: tuna or salmon ceviche, dehydrator-marinated shiitake mushrooms, marinated veggies and of course heapings of raw sour cream!


Yaelian said...

Your blinis look great! It is amazing how well cashews turn into something else;I have made them into sour cream using lemon or acidofilus germs,but your version of adding sauerkraut to it sounds very interesting:-)

Okriina said...

... and ypu can have your probioicts, too. A good idea to add the sauerkraut!

Aletheia said...

Yaelian, I have made similar sour cream too and it is great. But this has a completely different flavor to it, and it's a delicious saver when you are pressed with time.

Okriina, exactly! I'm just learning to eat it because of it's health benefits. I still have some sauerkraut-related culinary traumas to overcome, but now I actually really enjoyed it in the sour cream.

ylimuuli said...

Raw sour cream! Brilliant, paleolithic as well, THANK YOU MATE!

Aletheia said...

Ylimuuli, you're more than welcome! I'm starting to get some of that paleo vibe too, but I never seem to follow anything too religiously.