Thursday, March 4, 2010

Orange fudge brownies with date frosting

My in-laws came for a visit today. It is always a bit scary to cook for your mom-in-law, especially when you don't bake the traditional coffee table "treats" she is used to. I can bake, quite well even, but I just don't care for it anymore. Raw desserts are so much better than dairy and gluten free baking. Like many of you, I would also like to see my family and friends eat better and I try to teach them about healthy eating (subtle hints) when they visit. I gave up the preaching a long time ago, now I just attempt to wow them with how good real food can be.

To my suprise, my mother-in-law RAVED about these brownies, had seconds and thirds and also requested the recipe. Big hit! When we told her, that they are no-bake, she was even more amazed. Mission accomplished.

Orange fudge layer:
1,5 C almonds
200g or little less than 0,5lb dried figs, soaked
1/3-1/2C carob powder
4 tbsp coconut oil + some fig soak water
1-2 tbsp honey, or to taste (feel free to omit)
Dehydrated organic orange peel, to taste (I put 1 tbsp)
2 tbsp lucuma and 2 tbsp maca powder, optional
Pinch salt

Blend until a smooth "ball" of dough. Chop a handful or two of walnuts, and fold in. Shape into a large square on a pretty serving dish, place in the fridge. This should be a rather stiff dough, so only a brief chill in the fridge is sufficient.

Date frosting
10 dates + handful of raisins, soaked
Soak water
2 tbsp lucuma powder, optional but adds great flavor
1/4C carob powder
(pinch salt)

Blend until smooth, spread on top of brownie layer. Chill & Enjoy.

If I were making these for just us two, I would add some ginger to the brownie mix. For this occasion, I thought ginger with "mock chocolate" may have been just little too exotic.. :)


compassionateapproach said...

oo, kuulostaa ihan huipulta! <3

mulla ei oo carobia, mutta uskoisin, että tää toimis raakakaakaollakin. tosin muuttushan se maku.

toisinaan tekee niin hitosti mieli mokkapaloja ja suklaaruutuja jne., mutta jos niitä syön enemmän ku kaks palaa, tulee huono olo. raakajälkkäreissä on ihanaa, että ne on sekä makeita, tuhteja että ravinnetiheitä.

tykkään sun blogista paljon :) reseptit ovat tosi pro-luokkaa.

Okriina said...

Delicious looking, yet, uncomplicated recipe. Just wondering the amount of carob. It looks quite high, which has sometimes been not so pleasing in my experiments...

Yaelian said...

Sound and looks great! I also wonder about the carob amount;like to use it, but not in small quantities,and mixed with cocoa usually.

mrsb said...

Yippey, what a great blog!! I googled on Stockli dehydrator and found your blog. It looks wonderful! I will read more later when at home. Can't wait to find out about all your great recipes! Can you please let me know if you are happy with your dehydrator, as I am thinking of buying one? Anything negative? Does it make a lot of noise while using?

Anonymous said...


Aletheia said...

Kiitos kehuista compassionateapproach :) Varmasti toimii raakakaakaolla, käytän itse carobia lähinnä kofeiinittomuuden takia. Onneksi raakasuklaajuttuja ei ikinä ihan hirveesti voi mättää, ja onhan ne oikeita ravinnepommeja.

Okriina, carob does have a distinct taste. As with all my recipes, go by your own pallet. So you can easily decrease the amount of carob or replace with cocoa.

Yaelian, thanks! I've grown to actually like carob, although it did taste strange at first.

mrsb, thanks so much! I hope you enjoy my recipes. The dehydrator has worked nicely, the only thing is that the treys have nets. This is good for making crackers etc, because it shortens the dehydration time. But when you want to dehydrate something mushier, you need separate dehydrator sheets. I've also noticed, that sometimes you need to oil the net a little to prevent sticking. Otherwise, it is a nice size dehydrator and has worked well for me with dehydrator sheets I cut to fit the round shape of the Stockli.

Sorry last commentor, can't understand that!