Monday, June 14, 2010

Raw spanish scrambled "eggs"

Hi everyone! We're back from a weekend out of town, celebrating my graduation (BSc), gathering spruce shoots and visiting with family and friends. I'll be back to post about the party, I made an amazing raw tropical mango strawberry cheesecake which was a hit! But for now I decided to post one of my husband's favorite raw breakfasts. 

This recipe is inspired by Ani Phyo's raw scramble. I made it once (added more spices and dash of olive oil), but my husband complained about tasting the almonds. He said it was very good, but the almond flavor bothered him in a savory dish! To please him, I replaced the almonds with brazil nuts. Cashews would be even milder and probably work as well, but I like brazil nuts because they are so packed with minerals such as selenium and zinc. Although not raw, I also added my husband's favorite spice: smoked paprika. I enjoy the spice as well, and as long as it is not unhealthy I tend to choose taste over "100% raw."

Anyway, onto the recipe:
Spanish scramble:
1C dry brazil nuts (soaked and dehydrated always best)
0,5C sunflower seeds (soaked and dehydrated always best)
1tsp turmeric powder
1tsp or more of organic smoked paprika
0,5tsp italian seasoning (or herbs of choice)
1/4 tsp mineral rich salt or to taste
1/2 cup water
dash of your favorite cold-pressed olive oil (optional, but I think it improves flavor and texture)
black pepper

First blend the nuts and seeds and add water to reach a consistency similar to scrambled eggs. If you like, you may leave it a little chunky. Add turmeric to give it the right color and other seasonings to taste.

1/4C fresh cilantro
spring onion
Marinated and dehydrated mushrooms (1:1:1 ratio of balsamic vinegar+olive oil+honey, salt, pepper, yumyum!)
sweet pepper
raw olives (I just had organic ones)

Chop your add-ins of choice, mix in and enjoy! We like to let it sit a bit to warm it up (we keep our nuts in the fridge) and allow the flavors to mingle. 

The scramble is served on greens, either spinach or romaine leaves work wonderfully. Sometimes I also like to wrap the scramble in a salad leaf!


Okriina said...

I used to like vegan spanish omelet, made of soft tofu. So, this raw scramble sounds very promising. I find Ani Phyo uses almonds quite a lot and sometimes I also find the taste too distinctive. So, thanks for the recipe!

Yaelian said...

This sounds very nice,and like Okriina above, I would also use other nuts than almonds in a dish like this,so thanks for the recipe! And re.your graduation,congratulations!

Chaos said...

That scramble looks so delicious! Oh and congrats for your graduation! :)

Aletheia said...

Thanks guys!

Okriina, I guess she uses them for health reasons - but I agree, the apricot kernel flavor is so strong in organic almonds that it cannot be masked by any savory seasoning. You welcome, I hope this helps you to recreate your vegan fave in a raw way!

Yaelian, thank you for the congrats! You are right, not all nuts work in savory dishes.

Chaos, thanks for the comment and the congratulations! My husband and I were laughing at how identical it looks to cooked, scrambled eggs.. striking :)

alexveg said...

How important is the dehydration part?