Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chocolate banana scallops

This is a very simple recipe, probably many of you have eaten similar treats. But there is something so fundamentally delicious about it, I just had to share. I swear, I'll never touch a factory-made piece of chocolate again.

The name originates from the inspiration from the banana scallops Richard Blais made on Top Chef Season 4. This is not about exact measurements, but rather the combination of premium ingredients in a perfect ratio.

The recipe:

Few tablespoons liquid cold pressed coconut oil
3-5 tbsp raw organic cacao powder
1/4 tsp honey (to taste, I sometimes don't put any)
1-2 tsp raw organic bee pollen (crunch!)
1-2 tbsp maca powder
1-3 tbsp lucuma powder
dash Himalayan salt

2 sliced organic bananas

Mix chocolate ingredients in a small bowl with a spoon. Taste and throw in however much of anything you feel like. Cut up banana into "scallop" slices, dip and coat in chocolate. Place on a dish and allow to set in the fridge until firm, it won't require too much patience.

Enjoy with your favorite tea or other beverage :) Seriously, the sweetness of the banana with the lucuma-maca flavored chocolate combined with the hint of saltiness.. raw chocolate heaven.

Btw, I just ordered a Stöckli Dörrex dehydrator, which will be arriving in a week. So looking forward to that, I'll certainly post more of my recipes once I finally can execute my ideas properly! My husband also upgraded to a Canon EOS pro cam, so the pictures will also improve drastically. Stay tuned.


Yaelian said...

Mmm,that sounds so good and if you put those in the freezer and then put that into a food prosessor you would have a lovely ice cream! I still don't have lucuma,but luckily my brother is coming here during Xmas time so I can ask him to bring me some:-)

Aletheia said...

Nice idea, chocolate ice cream.. mm :) Better make sure he brings you a big bag! I think I'm going to have to travel to taste fresh lucuma fruit someday, I'm so hooked on this dried stuff already.

I probably didn't mention this, but when I went to get the vegetable peeler pasta gadget, the guy from the restaurant was pretty hilarious (not your brother). I tried and tried to explain in both finnish and english, using the words "vegetable" "cutter" "peeler" etc and demonstrating.. he keeps going on and on about "no we don't have vegetable soup today".. :D Then I further emphasized your brother's name and said he has something for me. Then he got it. One slow italian guy I guess.. haha :)

Yaelian said...

Oh yes one can get really hooked on the taste of lucuma;it has an unique ,wonderful taste.It is not eaten like that, but pureed and used in Peru in different things,for example in ice cream,which was pure heaven ,and we went back and back for it. Our friens in Lima made dessert from fresh lucuma, so I guess I have only tried things with fresh lucuma, but I guess the dried powder gives a very good flavour as well.

Funny the way the italian guy did not understand at first what you wanted;D My brother sold his half of the restaurant ,so he is not there anymore.

Okriina said...

Nice "scallops". But where's the Bacon? (ice cream) ;) I certainly prefere the chocolate yumminess instead!!
I haven't been so excited about my lucuma powder. It has a nice flavour but it is very mild. Sometimes not even detectable.

Aletheia said...

Yaelian, that sounds incredible. One day I'll be on my way to Peru, I hope :) Yeah, it was pretty funny especially since I kept saying the same things over and over until he finally got my drift. I bet the problem wasn't so much how I explained, but that he heard what he wanted to hear and neglected to listen to anything else.

Okriina, yuck! I can't believe anyone would want to combine bacon with ice cream. Bacon already by itself is nasty. Thankfully we have a more refined taste and opt for quality raw chocolate instead :) What brand is your lucuma? The small bag I bought from Ruohonjuuri was criminally expensive and was not too good tasting, whereas the Navitas Naturals one I ordered from iherb was heavenly.