Thursday, December 31, 2009

Exciting New Year 2010

A special thank you to all my readers for hanging along and following my new blog. Geek gone raw has not been around too long, and it is really in an experimental stage trying to find its own niche in the vast world of online blogs - any feedback is therefore greatly appreciated. I'd like to wish you all a wonderful, exciting New Year 2010 full of challenges!

Here are some snap shots of our party spread:

Indian-spiced rudabaga wedges (first pic)
Curried split pea burgers
Amazing Hummus (with fresh parsley, sprouted sesame seeds and turmeric)
Faux Ketchup (organic tomato puree, braggs raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, dark agave, spices)
Marinated garbanzo beans (olive oil, coconut oil, pepper, Himalayan salt, lemon juice)
Seasonal organic vegetables for dipping

We also made some raw pomegranate chocolate, which we will enjoy with a glass of real Champagne. Of course champagne isn't really health food, but there is something to be said about all things in moderation. One glass a year won't certainly do any harm.

Enjoy your evening! Eat well :)


Yaelian said...

Great looking party food!

I wish you and your blog a fantastic New Year 2010.And thank you to you as well, for the nice comments in my blog and for your informative posting:-)

Vale said...

Nice pics. We eated guacamole too, but with raw tortillas and chips :)(served with salsa, veggies, seed- and nut dips and -cheeses...)

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...
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Aletheia said...

Thank you and belated happy New year Yaelian and Vale!

Vale, your party food sounds delicious as well. Now that I have my new dehydrator I will certainly make my own raw tortillas too. Nut cheeses and dips can be extremely delicious, and so versatile. And I absolutely love salsa, especially with fresh cilantro. Thanks for your comment!