Monday, January 4, 2010

My professional background

Hello everyone, hope your New Year has started off well! Mine certainly has, and I am looking forward to many great things this year will bring. If all goes well, I will get my Bachelor's degree in the Spring. I have already successfully completed my thesis, so I just need to finish rest of the coursework. So far I have not much discussed my education nor professional background, but perhaps I should elaborate a little. I study Bioinformationtechnology, which is an exciting new field combining medicine, science and engineering, biology and computer science. To this date, I have studied sufficient mathematics and physics to constitute minor subjects.

My main focus in University is in biomedical applications, especially imaging and instrumentation, formally my major is biological physics and medical technology. My Bachelor's thesis focused on electroencephalography (EEG) measurements of brain activity. I was fortunate to take part in research at the Cognitive Brain Research Unit of Helsinki. This type of technology is of great interest to me, and I hope in future to participate in developing and improving diagnostic tools. At this moment, I am working for a company which develops software and machinery to administer radiotherapy. This type of an engineering orientation requires elaborate knowledge of medicine and how the body functions physiologically. These studies have prompted my interest in nutrition, which I study on my own time from the vast collection of studies available to me from the university libraries.

In this blog I have many times emphasized the importance of balanced nutrition and a wholesome lifestyle. Both are key in the prevention of serious illnesses, such as cancer. Unfortunately, they are not always sufficient. Although I do understand how "medicalized" our society is and how easily and excessively drugs are both prescribed and used, I do still believe in medicine and science. Studying at this level is very intriguing to me and I truly do love what I do for a living. It may sound hyperbolic, but I truly believe that I have helped and will continue to help cure many people. I am gaining the knowledge to give people second chances: to add healthy years to a patients life, relieve debilitating symptoms, and truly give a reason to have hope. Especially as a mother, it gives my life great meaning to be able to help treat or even cure sick children.

On this note I wish to encourage all of you to make the most of this year and your lives. We all can make a difference in our own way. There are no big deeds or small deeds, both are steps forward in the bigger picture.

1. Think about the way you consume and live. Is there something more you could do to conserve our planet's natural resources?

2. Could you do something to help another person in need? Even if you don't have much money, you might have a shirt or another piece of clothing you don't ware and could donate to a charity.

3. Could you help bring joy to someone? When did you last really sit down and talk with your (grand)mother/father?

4. Instead of complaining about what is wrong in the world, could you contribute to making the change? Maybe start up your own petition for a cause you believe in? I started my petition against using the controversial artificial sweetener aspartame in infants antibiotics and will continue to campaign for it. You can join me just my quickly signing it online.

5. Could you help change someone's life for the better? Probably since you are reading this blog, you are pretty interested and educated in healthy eating and balanced. Don't be afraid to share your knowledge with others and don't give up too quickly! For example, my mother is suffering from a painful illness, and she is pretty reluctant to change anything. With persistence and a gentle approach I have succeeded in getting her to eat organic and she is taking small steps forward. As a birthday present, I got her a package with all the natural remedies for her condition (MSM powder and sea mussel extract etc). I will continue to buy her these if she benefits from them but is for some reason hesitant to re-order them herself.

And finally, don't be afraid of challenges. If you think you don't have enough of them, set them for yourself. They help you feel better about achieving your goals. With persistence and motivation, you will achieve them sooner or later. The New Year is a good time to write down an action plan. Don't leave out goals you find impossible, because you have much greater abilities than you can imagine when you believe in yourself. One person can make a difference, and you can make a difference.

My philosophy in life is: inhibitions are impediments, keeping you from living your life to the fullest.

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Yaelian said...

Very interesting to read about your studies and background,thank you for sharing:-) A very interesting new field indeed, albeit a bit strange to a lay person,but after reading your posting I believe I understand a bit more what it is about. My friend's son studies it here (second year) and it has been a bit unclear what it is.
Have a very good and fruitful year,Aletheia!

Aletheia said...

Thanks for the comment, Yaelian :) This field may sound complicated because it is so diverse, and one can focus on so many things. I wish your friend's son success in his studies and hope he will get many interesting job opportunities in the future!

Nice to hear that you find my background interesting. I think it is always intriguing to know where a blogger comes from, because it really adds to the reading experience. I especially enjoy your food blog because of your international background and how you combine flavors from different cultures in your original cuisine.
I hope you have a very productive year as well! I very much look forward to reading about your adventures in Tel Aviv and all the delicious recipes you will share with us this year.

Yaelian said...

Thank you Aletheia! Just now I am on a week long juice fast, of which I will write about later, but after that I will try some new recipes with gusto!

Aletheia said...

Looking forward to those recipes! I wonder if I'll ever have a chance/want to go on such a fast.. at least not for a while because of nursing :) The idea is attractive though.

Anonymous said...

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