Thursday, January 21, 2010

Raw buckwheat sandwiches with parsley nut cream

This was not the first time I have made raw bread, believe me I've tried a fair amount of recipes.. somehow I've never liked them too much (read: edible with plenty of toppings to mask the flavor). I thought this bread would be no different, but I was suprised to find that this was actually tasty on its own. It was good with raw spreads and veggies, and we also have enjoyed it with a (cooked) indian brown lentil dahl.

Raw brazil nut-buckwheat bread (aka best raw bread I have made)
1/2 C brazil nuts soaked
1 C flax seeds
1 C water, to soak the flax seeds with
1/3 C pumpkin seeds
1 C sprouted buckwheat (soak 10min, sprout 24h, little tail)
2/3 C grated raw seet potato
Quality salt, freshly ground black pepper, dried organic thyme (just a touch)

Soak buckwheat groats 10 min, place in a sprouting jar. Rinse at least 4 times during the 24h. Soak brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds 6-8h, discard soaking water. Also soak flax seeds with water (min 1h) to make a thick gooey paste. When they're all done, place nuts and buckwheat in a food processor, along with sweet potato. Give it some spins, I left mine chunky on purpose. Season. Shape into bread slices and dehydrate overnight.

Parsley nut cream spread:
1/2 C brazil nuts
´1/4 C sunflower seeds
handful of fresh parsley
clove garlic
lemon juice
salt, pepper

Blend brazil nuts and seeds, add lemon juice, garlic clove and salt + pepper. Blend until smooth. If you like, you can also through in the parsley. This will lend the spread a light green color. Alternatively, you can finely chop the parsley and mix it in with a spoon.

Serve together, or eat the bread on its own or with your choice of toppings. We had simple sammies with split pea greens and julienned carrots.


Yaelian said...

That must have been good. Since getting my food dehydrator I have tried so many different raw breads or crackers,and most I have liked as such, especially those with lots of flax and veggies. But next time I will add some sprouted buckwheat as well,I just love sprouted,dehydrated buckwheat even as a snack.

Aletheia said...

The flax seeds I think are a great addition, with they soft and good flavor. For me, the flax and the buckwheat really make it "bread" instead of savory nut/seed crackers. I find that when I use the flax seeds, my bread initially rises! That's when I like to eat it, when it is still a little moist and warm and most resembles regular bread.

Especially if you enjoy buckwheat on it's own, you should definitely try making raw bread out of it!

Margarito said...

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