Saturday, January 30, 2010

Creamy pomegranate-lingonberry hearts

Wondering how to surprise your valentine this year? Perhaps not quite yet, but I just got carried away with my gorgeous red pomegranate and cute heart-shaped cupcake molds. I had a hard time figuring out what to call them - the "cream" resembles white chocolate, but also distantly a cheesecake. It has layers of flavors, and it depends on the taster, which is most prominent. To me this was white chocolate, to my husband it was cheesecake, and most likely someone not quite as accustomed to the taste of coconut would find it to be the dominant flavor. Well, try it our for yourself and let me know what you think!

Honey-almond crust
Almond flour (or dehydrated almond pulp leftover from making raw almond milk)
Coconut oil
Raw, organic honey
pinch Himalayan salt, touch of pure vanilla

Mix together and pat down thinly on the bottom of cupcake molds. Chill to firm up.

Cream layer (for 6 cupcakes + leftovers)
125g cashews
400ml coconut cream (about 1,75C)
2 tsp mesquite + 2tsp lucuma (optional, but very good)
0,5-1,5 tsp dehydrated orange peel
70g raw cocoa butter
vanilla agave, to taste
pinch salt

Blend everything until smooth. Spread on crust, chill until they are hard enough to remove from the mold.

Pomegranate-lingonberry glaze
1 pomegranate
0,5 C lingonberries
vanilla agave, to taste

Blend. Layer on top of the cupcakes prior to serving.

We made 6 and I had leftover cream+glaze, so I froze the cream to make raw ice cream and served it with the pomegranate-lingonberry sauce. All three layers of the cupcakes go really well together, and make a really scrumptious treat. Without the glaze, they keep well frozen. If you like, you could also serve them just lightly thawed as ice cream cakes. We opted to allow them to thaw a bit further, which brings out more flavor. Altogether this is a versatile recipe, you could just use the cream in any other raw dessert that calls for it.


Yaelian said...

Your heart shaped tarts are so pretty!

Chaos said...

Just lovely :)

Okriina said...

How nice a Pre-Valentines treat! I love these "unidentified" creams you find make in raw desserts.

Peter said...

Hello Im an american but was in Finland for a world forestry conference. I have a few good friends there in forestry,some from Sudan. He did his PhD on mesquite in Finland due to political problems in Sudan. Where do you get mesquite flour in Finland

Anonymous said...

Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.............................................

Aletheia said...

Thanks for the nice comments, Yaelian and Chaos :)

Okriina, there really is a world of raw creams. Some far better than others!

Peter, thanks for taking the time to comment. I actually have ordered my mesquite from Iherb, but I have seen it at least on the shelves of Runsaudensarvi-store in Tampere.