Friday, September 4, 2009

Perilla banana smoothie

Perilla, purple mint, is an interesting herb I have to admit I had never heard of before. The smell was intoxicatingly good, and I suspected it would be tasty in a smoothie because of the delicious minty aroma. I also figured that since the color is so intensely purple, it must have plenty of antioxidants and vitamins. Hence I decided to read up on it, and found out it is most known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Yay! Especially since I changed my diet in hopes of improving my notoriously bad immune system that kept me in and out of hospitals with serious infections. So far, skipping the gluten and lactose combined with increasing my intake of raw food while no longer consuming any processed food seems to work like a charm.

Here's the recipe for this tasty, mildly minty smoothie I concocted this morning:

Perilla banana smoothie for two:

2 bananas
1 large orange
1 apple
handful or two of romaine
small handful of perilla
sesame seeds
maca powder
(dash of honey)

If this won't cheer up your morning nothing will! Isn't it much easier to smile throughout the day when you can feel that you are nourishing your body just right? I'll be back later to post our yesterday's dinner, creamy tomato soup, salad with poppyseed dressing and coconut-chive steamed salmon.

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Margarito said...

I loved the smoothie! When I went to Brazil, they give one like Perilla Banana and that was simple amazing, like my Generic Viagra smoothie without silly banana! It's so funny, isn't?

Petra said...

Looks really good will try it for dinner...have a huge vegetable garden full of these beauties, given to me from my husbands korean I have a recipe..many thanks..