Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Raw romaine burritos with coriander guacamole, & marinated garbanzo beans

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for reading my blog and taking the time to write encouraging and inspiring comments. My greatest hopes for this blog is to get people interested in their own nutrition and making informed choices about their diets. It is so very important because the way we eat has a profound effect on our quality of life. Clearly, it is worth to do some of your own research to make sure you are providing your body with everything it needs.

Here's another spin on the all-time favorite, quick raw dinner. Lettuce wraps, again! This time with romaine leaves, coriander guacamole & marinated garbanzo beans.

Coriander guacamole
2 avocados
juice of half a lime
himalayan salt, pepper, ground coriander, fresh finely chopped chili to taste
(crushed garlic cloves)

Mash avocados but leave in tasty chunks. Add spices according to taste.

Marinated garbanzo beans
sprouted garbanzo beans
coconut oil
chili powder
himalayan salt, pepper, ground coriander, dried thyme

Mix all marinade ingredients and pour over whole, sprouted chick peas.

Sauteed coconut chili onion rings
2 onions, sliced into thin rings
coconut oil
2 cloves garlic
1 inch or so of fresh red chili
himalayan salt, pepper

Heat oil, sliced garlic cloves and chopped chili in a frying pan. Add onion rings, salt & pepper. Saute until desired softness.

Other fillings: tomato, zucchini, carrot, calamata olives, fenugreek sprouts

Feel free to omit the sauteed onion if you are on a strictly raw diet. If you aren't, I recommend it for the spicy depth of flavor it brings to this dish. This recipe is more intended to inspire your own culinary imagination than provide a strict recipe. So choose your own toppings and use your favorite spices. Roll in large romaine leaves like you would a traditional burrito. Be creative!


Yaelian said...

That looks so colourful and yummy;I love raw burritos! And thanks to you for your blog,it has been a pleasure to read your postings.We are what we eat I think.I do constant search on the subject of nutrition,besides the fact that I also studied it for 2 years, and read related books.So much new information is also coming out on a regular basis,so one must keep one's mind very open and take a second look if possible.

Paivi said...

Looks really good! I have read that garbanzo beans should always be shortly cooked even though they are sprouted. Could you tell your insight on this? And now I am assuming that garbanzo beans are the same thing as chick-peas.

Aletheia said...

Thanks, Paivi! The way I've understood it is that they can be eaten sprouted & raw, i.e. there is nothing toxic in them that should be boiled off. The reason some people recommend short boiling even for sprouts is digestibility. I have had no problem digesting raw chick pea sprouts (whole or blended), neither have my husband or friends. Unless your stomach is hypersensitive, I recommend you try a little to see what happens. If you can handle them, they are an excellent source of iron, calcium and vegetable protein. Tasty too of course :)

Yaelian, I got the "pasta machine" today. Seems great, we were just making zucchini spaghetti which is turning out wonderful. Thank you kindly for arranging this and thank your brother for me too!

Yaelian said...

Happy to hear that you got that "pasta machine" finally and I see from your latest post that your butternut squash pasta looks really good!
I make sometimes raw humus,but after sprouting, I put them in a colander and just quickly rinse them once with boiling water. That does not make them cooked or anything,but it does improve the flavour.

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